Monday, September 8, 2014

[Media Pics] Kim Hyun Joong 2014 WT: Successful Concert in Lima, PERU

Credit to. RPP Noticias


  1. Dont worry Hj your baby ,always waiting for you Dont give up on your love,we are here praying for both of you God bless,God knows what inside your heart .

  2. congratulation......LG !!!
    You are still the Only One....

    Thanks Gf Cyn for the post

  3. Congrats khj for the successful concert... Thanks to peru fans ... I like ur wink papi!!!! GOD bless you and Mm....

  4. Good looking as ever! congrats papi on your successful concert ツ saranghae!

    thanks gf cyn!

  5. Congrats for the successful concert HJ :D
    a wink at there. Those fan girls must be lucky. Kkekekeke~

  6. To gf i wnnt to ask if how to join minjoong. Blog bcoz i miss them so much this pst few days i read the minjoong / hyunming the oppa donseang couple and i finish read. Now i wnt to read about the minjoong blog im new fans of the couple and no matter hppens i believe the couple is destiny to be in love.. Please can i join the minjoong blog i always visit the blog but there smething when i open those pic.thank gfs i hope u grant my wish... Kim hyun joong and jung so min forever... god bless...

    1. @hani as far as i know you will ask permission to open that blog thru twitter @minjoongblog.

  7. Please gfs always post about hyunmin couple because this is the blog i trust about the couple..

  8. Thank you zyrene for the info...