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09/01/14 ♥ Happy 4th Anniversary Playful Kiss ♥ NG Scenes♥

In commemoration of Playful Kiss' 4th Anniversary, here is a 26 min PK NG Scenes courtesy of GF Bella Bee.  

Video uploaded in You Tube by GF Ela.

Thank you, GFs.

Happy 4th Anniversary, Playful Kiss!

Enjoy watching!   

Kim Hyun Joong 2014 World Tour: Successful Concert in Guangzhou China on 8/30/14

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Bella Bee's Fan Account: KHJ's Phantasm WTC in BKK

First of all, I have to apologize to our GFs for late report on HJ's World tour concert in Bangkok..

Yes... BB was there. Ke ke ke

After a long wait due to postponement, finally HJ was here in Thailand.

On 24th August 2014, Bangkok marked KHJ's World tour 2014 map as one of the cities he held his ‘Phantasm’ concert.


Of course not...

I just prepared. ..

Umm... actually very well prepared.  ke ke ke

I met my Fanart idol Rukubebe.  She introduced me to her friends from Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and China.

Wow!!  HJ fans are from all over the Asian region.

Excited? way.

I was just standing for almost one and a half hour under the temperature of 35°c, waiting for HJ at the venue... just to see the back side of his car... tsk tsk

Inside the venue was very cool.  I was relaxing myself not knowing that soon it would turn hot like fire due to HJ's hotness.

Then the lights went off... suddenly, intro song "Let me go" echoed in the hall...

When HJ came to fans sight, fans screamed out very loud.

HJ is a very good looking guy… an extraordinary good looking guy.  Ke ke ke

Thanks for having longer hair than in Inspiring Generation time.  (I know, GF Cyn, want to say this… lol)

He began his concert with powerful dancing songs Unbreakable and Break down.  Even if I had heard these songs so many times but couldn't compare it with a live concert.  HJ gave all his energy through his songs vigorously.

 When come to ballad song, he sang ‘When today passed’ from ‘Inspiring Generation’.  The song brought me back to the drama when Gaya said farewell to SJT.  Nice voice KHJ…^^

During the song ‘I’m your man’, HJ sang this song for a six years old girl.  She was scare at first but HJ tried to comfort her and asked her mother to join on the stage.  He was very gentle to his young fan.

‘His Habit’ and ‘Beauty Beauty’ songs are fun, I like Artmatic dancers… they are very skillful. Their choreography in synced with the music very well.  Talking about the dancers, HJ’s fans in this concert got excited with song ‘Like before’ because their imitated dances but in live concert, both HJ and his dancer are very professional.  I was amazed with HJ's dance -- he must practice very hard.

I have two most favorite songs from this concert ‘Lucky Guy’ -- HJ moved his fans on their feet -- everyone stood up and sang with him out loud.  ‘If you like me’, he sang this song from the heart -- sounds like he was begging for someone to come to him.  Don’t worry HJ, BB was there for you. Lol

Before the concert end, HJ came down from the stage to his fans.  He was less than five meters away from me.  I had chance to look into his eyes.


Ha ha ha not me….

I just jumped off my seat, ran to him and screamed off my lungs.  Honestly, I could not even remember what song HJ sang at that time... lol

HJ said farewell to his fans by saying a Thai word that means ‘I love you’ and the fans replied ‘we love you too’.  I fell in love with him as BSJ in the past; now, I love him as a singer and entertainer.  Like someone said HJ is a fascinating person...  yes, indeed!!!



Photos credit to:  TGroup Holding (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

KHJ: Phantasm WTC Concert in Bangkok

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