Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jung So Min 정소민 Instagram update 01.07.15

Caption: 오힝 오늘 무슨 날이여? 
늦은 커피로 잠이 안와서 이리저리 티비돌리는데 ‪#‎장키‬ 가 하길래 오잉 했는데 쫌이따 또 ‪#‎빅맨‬ 을.. 근데 더 싱기한겅 둘다 2회방송... 오힝? 으아.. 그나저나 장키가 벌써 5년전이라니ㅜㅠ 말도앙대


What a day today?
After late coffee... I fall asleep, then woke up because PK was on the TV ... then again BM was on the TV too...
However PK is 5 years already TT... can't believe it.

Credit: somin_jj


  1. Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min - Don`t Lie:

  2. Good news !!! PK is airing in Korea ... it's been 5 years, how lucky Hyunmin..
    And Big Man too... Chukhae !!! my beautiful Minmin ..^^
    Thanks Gf Ela for the post .