Saturday, September 27, 2014

KHJ to attend the "Japan - Korea Festival" in Hibiya Park in Tokyo

As soon as HJ finished his concert at Aomori shock yesterday, HJ left for Tokyo.

Late last night, HJ rehearsed for today's special event in Hibiya Tokyo.

HJ will perform at the "Japan - Korea festival" at Hibiya Park in Tokyo on 28th September from 17.00 local time (this schedule will include other Kpop performers).

The Korea-Japan Festival is the biggest cross-cultural event between the two neighbors and has been going on for ten years.  Since 2009, the festival has been held simultaneously in Tokyo, too.  This year's Tokyo festival will take place in Hibiya Park in Chiyoda, Tokyo, on September 27 and 28.
In the event, there will be traditional shows, Makgeolli (Korean traditional liquor) sampling and Kpop performance.  Performers in the concert has been kept secret until on such day (that's why it doesn't show in HJ's schedule).

Only 600 from thousands applicants (sent by postcard) were selected to attend to watch the stage performance .

The above info were gathered by GF Bella Bee.  Thank you, GF!  Here are some photos from the festival last year:

Here's another article on the mentioned festival: 


  1. I remember when Mm dance korean traditional dance... How i wish Mm could be there... Thaks for the update..

    1. Hi Hani - I remember that too. And I think if MM continued with dancing as a career instead of acting, our couple would've eventually met anyway. kekeke

    2. Yes .. And their love show in public w/out hesitation hahaha... I'm dreaming.. Hi to you gf yjj I miss your hints and the facts...

    3. hani - can you send me an email at

      Thank you!

    4. Hani - my bad, sorry... it's

  2. I'm excited about that...God bless to all admin of g force..and to our lovely couple...

  3. If there's a sampling of korean traditional liquor, HJ will perform It's a best combinations for all hyunmin lovers and MM is dancing there too that will be a loco pills to all hyunmin lovers....kekeke