Wednesday, May 28, 2014

'Big Man' Kang Ji Hwan and Choi Daniel said, "JSM gained sudden popularlity because of the exposure of her figure."

Actors KJH and CD shared a comment on JSM, jokingly.  "Suddenly she become famous when she appeared in the alluring dress in the drama."

On 27.05.2014, 13.00KST, KBS2 drama "Big Man" held a press conference at its shooting location in Gyeonggi-do.  KJH said, "She has a very beautiful figure in the dress.  I thought she's just a little girl but she is a woman."

Han Sang Jin revealed, "I saw CD was spell bounded by JSM's figure in the dress.  In the drama she is your real sister... is it alright to look at her like that?" which made everyone burst into laughter. 

On the day, the location for press conference is a resident of Kang Sung Wook (Eom Hyo Seop) -- the CEO of HyunSung group.

An upscale interior with rich art collections.  This delicate interior in every small details make the drama become reality.

Meanwhile, Big Man is is a story of Kim Ji Hyuk a man who grew up as an orphan in a poor neighborhood. One day he encountered a thrilling incident and became Kang Ji Hyuk, the eldest son of the top chaebol family.  To defend himself and his love ones, he must compete with absolute power people and becom a true leader, the Big Man.

Japanese Translation:  Stand By HyunMin2
English Translation:  GF Bella Bee


  1. Hiii all GF members...this is my first post and comment. I've been lurking this blog for a loonnngggg time and just be a silent reader. I'm really really enjoy to read all of your posted, picture and comments here. And I just enjoyed without any comment from me. But this time I really really can't help myself not to comment for our cutest MM.
    I'm really glad to see her on many project this year, I loved to read and see her picture everywhere lately on Korean entertainment magazine and news, and I super duper glad to hear that she received many positive things on her appearance. She deserve it.
    And how happy I am read this article that KJH and CD, even LDH praise her as an attractive person. Just wonder is there someone who'll get a bit a bit I think but he MUST much worry about this lovely cutiee MM *blinking winking my eyes.
    Ooo c'mon HJ wake up...wake up...just admit her as yours so there's no need worries that she'll be taken other man. LOL

    1. Hello Gf Rimawati. Im happy to see you here and welcome in the blog. You are not a silent reader anymore Gf :-)....

    2. Hi, Rimawati.

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  2. Hello Gf Rimawati, Am so happy your break the silence and come out to comment, as well as have fun with us. A big WELCOME to u...
    I guess someone must be proud but with a certain stress now... ke ke...^^

  3. Hello Rimawati....and welcome to the blog

    Am imagining someone with death glare now.....
    Thanks Standby Hyunmin2 and GF BB for translation...

  4. Thank you for welcoming me here...
    I hope by playing this JA character would bring MM to another great drama or movies this year (excluding Alice, of course). And I hoping badly she take a chance to starring "twenty" with Kim woo bin.
    Just glad to see her improve her acting skill this year and wondering she could pairing with another great actors/actress...and just wondering does 'he' becomes over worried about his little girl who'll shine brightly and get brighter this year ^^