Wednesday, June 4, 2014

“Big Man” Is Catching Up Close to “Doctor Stranger” in Viewer Ratings

After hitting its highest viewer rating last week, KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Big Man” is once again creeping up on SBS’ “Doctor Stranger,” with only a 0.3% difference in ratings.
According to Nielsen Korea on June 4, the June 3 broadcast of “Big Man” recorded a nationwide viewer rating of 11.4%. This is a 1.4% increase from the previous day’s episode of 10.0%, and a 0.2% increase from the May 27 episode of 11.2%, which had been the show’s all-time high until now.

On the other hand, “Doctor Stranger,” which had continued to be at the top of the Monday-Tuesday time slot, recorded a 1.5% decrease from the day before, with a rating of 11.7%.

With these changes in viewer ratings, “Big Man” has caught up significantly to “Doctor Stranger,” with a small gap of 0.3%.  When looking at the Seoul National Capital Area alone, “Big Man” has already surpassed “Doctor Stranger” with 13.2% and 12.9% respectively.  This increase in viewership for “Big Man” is further raising expectations for the drama’s future.

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Triangle” recorded a rating of 6.7% this week.
Which of these Monday-Tuesday dramas are you currently enjoying? 



  1. Fighting Big Man be #1.
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  2. Congrats ... wishing to be # 1... good luck * Big Man *... ^^
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