Tuesday, August 26, 2014

~ GForce Advisory ~


  1. Good a.m /p.m. Gfs !!!
    Aug. 27 Anniversary of Hyunmin Gfs... am i right Gfs ?
    If i'm right * Happy Anniversary *... to all beloved Gfs... I Love You All Guys ^^ ....

    1. Thank you very much Gf. Shirley ^_^

    2. Happy anniversary to all beloved GFs unnie ^^ love you guys.
      i will not lave hyunmin. They are my inspiration. And i respect them. ^^

  2. *Happy anniversary* to all Hyunmin Gfs... will love and support them as a couple and individual...MM....LG will always protect you so are the hyunmin fans....!!!

  3. If we're loss and down always consult the word of God,to the Hyunmin GF family.....to our couple they need our prayer.

    when you are tempted to be buried under the weight of a secular world,remind yourself that God is still on the throne ! Have faith in God, no matter what.Faith doesn't fix all your problems .It connects you to the One who is bigger than your problems ."I tell you the truth ,if you have faith as small as a mustard seed ,you can say to this mountain .Move from here to there and it will move .nothing will be impossible for you." Matt 17-20

  4. Happy 2nd year anniversary to all true Hyunmin blog lovers!!!
    To all admins in this blog "Thank you" for giving your time and effort to make us
    Happy and crazy in a good way!!! I love you all....to our hyunmin couple I always love both:)))

  5. I think I will wait for them and their truth.

    BTW happy anniv GFs. Sorry for not being around much. I have not forgotten. Never will. Keep up the support and prayers.
    Thank you.


    HyunMin's REAL LOVE has united all of us become one, one family!
    I am very happy to be their one and only wacky crazzy mazzy fan! HAHA. #gahd, all of sudden i need LOCO pills.
    I am feeling grateful to have KIM HYUN JOONG, JUNG SO MIN, GFORCE, in my life. never once i regret to have them in my life, because THEY are my oxygen to keep me alive. THEY are the light that brighten my everyday's life. and THEY are THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! I LOVE YOU MY DEAR HYUNMIN AND MY BELOVED GFORCE, SARANGHAE!

    and not to forget, our subscribers of this blog, commentators, lurkers, viewers, HyunMinnies of all over the world, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING HYUNMIN GFORCE! KEEP ON SUPPORTING GFORCE, KIM HYUN JOONG AND JUNG SO MIN! HYUNMIN's miracle does happen! believe me.

    Love, GF Wacky Crazzy Angelic Potato Camilita Mazzy.

    1. Wahhhh...wacky crazy anfelig potato camilita Mazzy!!! HOLAAA!!!

      You are so sweet!! Sweet potato!! Kekekeke.

      Happy Anniversary gf! Love you ♡♡♡♡

  7. Thanks to all the girls for the happy wishes!.


  8. Happy Anniversary HyunMin Gforces.
    Thanks to all Admins and all HyunMin fans to keep their love for HyunMin couple.
    I will never leave this beautiful blog coz this blog always made me happy , naughty and crazy kekeke ^^


  9. Happy Anniversary HyunMin GForce!!!! I'm so grateful for this blog and my beautiful HyunMin couple too... Thanks for all the joy and craziness hahaha

  10. Happy Anniversary GForce....hyunmin fighting...!!!!

  11. Hello everyone. How are you?

    I stopped by to thank all of you for the anniversary wishes' you are all so kind and beautiful.

    Thank You...