Friday, September 5, 2014

Japanese Fans Support for KHJ

On August 28th, HJ's friends and fans met at Jaksal in Osaka to show their support for HJ.

They made Teru Teru Uzoosin and wrote messages for HJ.


When some fans asked about HJ, his friend answered, "He can overcome the situation strongly!"
(Quote credit:  SS5469のブログ)


Teru teru bōzu (Japanese: 照る照る坊主、てるてる坊主; literally "shine shine monk") is a little traditional handmade doll made of white paper or cloth that Japanese farmers began hanging outside of their window by a string. In shape and construction they are essentially identical to ghost dolls, such as those made at Halloween. This amulet is supposed to have magical powers to bring good weather and to stop or prevent a rainy day. "Teru" is a Japanese verb which describes sunshine, and a "bōzu" is a Buddhist monk

*** The fans made Teru Teru Uzoosin for a magical power to bring good luck to HJ. *** ^^

Additionally, they will hold a monthly fan meeting in Jaksal, Osaka... next schedule is on Sept. 28th.  

Photo credit:  Jaksal - Osaka


  1. Such a touching deed by the Japanese fans -- ありがとう

    GFs - we should do our part -- please include HJ in your daily prayers. Avoid reading too much into what's being said in the newspapers.

  2. HJ will be always in my prayer. I believe HJ can overcome thus difficulty soon.

  3. Every nigth bfore i sleep HJ one of my prayer that he overcome this situation...i know God answer our prayer...

  4. *weeping is for a night...but joy cometh in the morning*....and that joy is coming sooner than we Hyunmin Hanaecian Triple S KHJ friends fans and family......rejoice for we have already overcome....huurrrrrraaayyyyy..!!!

    Victory is on our side !!!!

  5. I include him in my prayers everyday....!!

  6. We always pray for our couple ,not only for there difficult day but also for there happiest day that the Lord will protect and guide them everyday of there life..minmin and KHJ God bless. we love you always.

  7. Every day l always pray for Khj and Jsm...always..

  8. Prayers for HJ... he will pass through this...