Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jung So Min: FB Update, 9/8/2014

살짝 늦은감은 있지만서도..
모두모두 따뜻한 한가위 되세요!!
힘들고 지친 모든 분들이 잠시나마 쉬어갈수있는 휴일이었으면..
남은 추석 마무리 잘하세요 다들~~^^ 해피해피즐추!!

GF BB's translation:

I feel it's kind of little late, but...
Please have a warm thanksgiving, everyone!
For all those who have hard and tiring works, please find a small rest time during this holiday.
Have a good rest during Chuseok everyone~ ~ ^ ^ 

Happy Happy Jeulchu!

Credit:  JSM FB Acct


  1. Happy Chuseok , Minmin and to every body !!!
    Thanks Gf YJJ for the post.

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