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Kim Hyun Joong Lotte Fanmeeting in Seoul 2014 Talk Sesion: Question & Answers. [2014.10.25]

Q: What did you do during this break?
HJ: Started using kakao talk with my friends. (host said she saw him using a lot in airport keke) When I rest, I started SNS life. Feel closer to friends using Kakao talk & Kakao story. Feelings can be expressed differently when using kakao compared to seeing friends face to face.

Q: How are fans from different areas differ?

A: Temperature? Climate? South American are very enthusiastic. Japanese voice is high. Korean is lower. Chinese is loud ^^

Jap fans responded by saying saranghaeyo in a low voice... HJ said it's like saying amen in church ;p

Q: Many fans like IG. Any plans for more drama?

HJ: No plans for drama at this moment. If there's good one, can start work anytime.

Q: Regrets for WT?

HJ: No regret. Put in full effort all the time. The only thing is we spent too much time flying. For Peru, we thought it's summer then but actually winter. Staff brought slippers! Had to stay in hotel when not performing.

Q: Any role you'd like for your next work?

HJ: No specific role I like. For now, I want to act in roles of common people living daily life.

Q: Can wear many costumes in such roles?

HJ: If I am in a rich man role, I can wear more costumes and thicker clothes. Many people like my role in BOF... but I don't really like that kind of role ;p

Q: Movie?

HJ: If there is a good one... but I have too many things yet to happen, e.g. military service. So I will go for such work after my MS. By then I can do 2-3 work per year ^^

Q: Any other areas you want to challenge?

HJ: Singing and acting for now... if I come upon some other areas I am interested in, I will go for the challenge.

HJ: I sing and act throughout the year. If I go for other challenges, it will be outside of my current work or even entertainment. However that may mean I need to abandon these. I do not want to do that... so concentrate on singing and acting now.

Diving is just an interest. What I want to do is sing, act and my work.

HJ words abt growing old...

When I was in elementary & high school, I thought adults were old. But now I feel not just young people are young. We are all young.

No matter 20, 26, or 29 years of age, I've had the same feeling... I feel no fear. Just another year.

The HJ I'd envisioned when I was 20 yr old is not the same as the HJ now. Now I think about today and tomorrow. Live in the moment well.

Words for fans...

How should I say this? Please remember the HJ moments when I perform. The happy moments when you saw me perform on stage and on screen.

There were supposed to be a Q&A for fans to win gifts. But HJ had issues with the questions... too easy! LOL kept asking why they are so easy... PASS keke
When I live to be 40 years old or 50 years old I feel like as a 20-year-old energetic <-"

Hyun Joong recently watched the American musical drama movie 'Begin Again'. (cr: @chikiyumi)
The movie that inspired him for the next album? ^^

Cr. image:
Cr. loving_khj/DSCS/ AlienPrinceKHJ

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