Thursday, January 29, 2015

°* The Honey Butter Chip Lovers *°

On January 24, MM updated her Instagram account with this photo.

Honey Butter Chips are very popular in South Korea. The product has been flying off the shelves, causing chronic shortages at numerous stores. 

Now, are you wondering why are we talking about this product? Well, here is the answer.

Two days ago at HJ's concert at Yokohama, HJ asked who among his fans is celebrating her birthday on that day.  Many fans raised their hands but only two were picked to go to stage.  HJ sang to them "I am your Man", but only had one special gift to give.  HJ gave to one of them a bag of "Honey Butter Chips" as a present. 

HJ said since the product was sold out, giving it away to the girl means she is really special - even more special than his mom- hahaha.

The question is: Where did HJ get the idea to give this chips as a gift? - Maybe he was inspired by someone.

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  1. It's a fact!!! Thanks for the post, GF Liz. Hola... hello GFs. :)

    1. Hola gf YJJ. Gf Liz did a very good job, but still we are missing your hints.

  2. I realy miss the hints and the facts... When i read that in tweeter that hj give that snack to the fans... I'm happy because i remember when Mm post that snack on her IG....

  3. Hello gf Cyn...i miss all of the gf's here...;)..especialy the facts!!!!

  4. uuu ya las extrañaba. im very happy.

  5. I'm so we go again...* Hint * from our lovely HyunMin... ^^
    Thanks Gfs Liz and Cyn for the post...
    Hello Gfs I miss you all ...God bless all ..!!!

  6. Ahhhhh more FACTSSS pleaseeee hahahahahahhaha special request from wacky Mazzy hereee :pppp hahhahaha im craving for moree hyunmins facts hahahha hola GFs!!!!